Why use Century21?

When you choose a Century21 Sales Associate to sell your home or help you purchase a new home, you'll experience a high level of service.

First, Century21 Associates are The Hometown Experts With a World of Experience. Across the globe, they make their living in the same communities in which they live. They're the people next door, or just down the block.

Consummate professionals, Century21 Associates on average lead agents of competing brands in advanced real estate education and production. That's why they're known as "The Real Estate Leaders®" and why no one in the world sells more real estate than Century21.

Customer Satisfaction

The proof of quality service is in repeat customers and in customers who refer Century21Associates to their friends. Many Century21 Sales Associates derive a high percentage of their business from repeats and referrals.


Century21Associates lead agents of competing brands in professional designations, which denote specialized training and education. They dominate the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Leadership Training Graduate (LTG) ranks.


Why list your home with a Century21 Associate? Your home may be designated as a Miracle Home.

If it is, your Century21 Sales Associate will make a contribution on behalf of the listing and/or sale to the local hospital affiliated with Children's Miracle Network. The funds raised in your community remain in the area to benefit local children.

For All You're Worth

On average, Century21 Associates sell more real estate than other agents. They are better-qualified to set the right price for the homes they list, better-equipped to market those homes, and likely to find a buyer in a shorter period of time. That experience and education also means they are better-qualified to find the right home for any buyer.

Competitive Advantage

The real estate network that has the most competitive advantages to offer both home buyers and sellers will be an industry leader, and Century21is that network.

When you look for the highest-quality real estate service, look to a Century21Associate. Century21Associates are at forefront of Real estate industry.


On average, a Century21Associate spends substantial amount each year on personal promotion and on individual and group advertising. Personal advertising plus national television advertising and Internet exposure generates the highest number of prospects in the industry.

Network Size

The revolutionary Century21 Concept of enabling real estate professionals to maximize their business potential has evolved into an organization of huge number of Sales Associates in numerous offices worldwide.

The Sign

The famous  Century21 yard sign and your Century21 agent lead you to properties in areas in which you'll want to live and work. If you want to sell your property, the Century21 yard sign attracts buyers.

Industry Leader

Century21 was the first real estate network to be involved in more than 1 million transaction sides in a single year. Each transaction or sale consists of two sides, the listing side and the selling side.

Global Expansion

With offices in various countries worldwide, Century21 is one of the fastest-growing real estate franchise networks on the planet.

Locally owned and operated

Being locally owned and operated, Century21 offices are staffed with professionals who live in the area they work in. Thus, committed to their local community, they have a deep personal interest in the customers they serve.

Home of the Top Agents

In a business environment of mergers and acquisitions, Century21 is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its founders. The excellence of Century21 Broker/Owners and Sales Associates has led to an ever-increasing number of accolades from the business community at large.